Today I met Nicole Ilagan. A fellow classmate in my Art 110 class at CSULB. She is majoring in film and is her second year. While talking with her, I learned that she is driven to pursue a job with the big boys. Her dream is to work with companies like Pixar and CBS but if she had to pick one, she would work on the Jimmy Fallon show. She just wants to be involved in pre-production because she’s good with planning and organization, she said she wanted to be the backbone of something big. Nicole commutes from the O.C and we both groaned over waking up for morning classes and getting to school on time. When  I asked her why she chose to take art, she explained that it opens up more possibilities for jobs and she likes being creative.  She mainly wants to find a job she loves and do something that she’ll never get tired of.  I asked her if she was in any clubs and she told me about her co-ed fraternity Alpha Phi Omega where their main focus is giving back to the community. She said she volunteers at homeless shelters and visits skid row and she’s even in a program that teaches disabled people how to surf. Shes also in College Beat Television which makes videos for ASI and  the campus community. As for the art we saw today, which was from the Glamfa exhibition, we both had different opinions on the pieces we saw. Nicole saw an exhibit that was a price listing of the tuition for OTIS and she thought it was interesting whereas I didn’t really see much. Overall, my chat with Nicole was fun and informative and know I know one more person in class.

Until next time.

Nicole’s Blog: http://nicoleilagan.com/


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