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This week I chose UCLA’s Brittany Mojo’ s art to analyze. She titled it “Always be Knolling” and it is made with mixed media. Her work is colorful and different and she describes it as “always in motion”. She says that she likes patterns and repetition; it’s very obvious in her work. She likes to test her limits with space and quantity but still break out of box with irregularity. She pushes the boundaries of delicacy by amassing objects in the tens and hundreds. Like a bee, weak as one and challenging as a colony. I chose her piece because somehow I felt connected to it. When I first walked in and saw that plant made of fabric and stuffing I thought “Wow, I wish I could do something like that”. I mean, I probably could if I set my mind to it, but for now I could simply observe. I wondered what inspired her to create such a piece with the different patterns and textures and objects. Her art left me with a feeling of wonder. How could such seemingly random things arranged a particular way provoke such feelings?The mystery of art will never cease to amaze me. I was intrigued, it was so different from the other exhibit, but still just as colorful. Everything seemed suspended in its own space. Even in the painting of the room, the objects had there places and there personalities. Brittany Mojo’s art is  truly original.


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