20140904_111816Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Tang. Me being the awkwardly unsocial person I am, she had to approach me for the interview. But, when we started talking things thawed out a bit. Kim is a sophomore and she’s studying to become a nurse. She explained that the CRNA (nursing program) here, at CSULB, is intense. You need to maintain above a 93% to stay and if you drop even a point below they’ll kick you out!!I learned that Kim was born in Vietnam and moved over here in 2001 but moved back in 2003 and stayed until about 2005 and then moved back again! Each time selling and buying a new house in both countries. Since she moved so much she can speak Vietnamese and English. The Vietnamese she is fluent in and her English is almost impeccable.   When I asked her about her hobbies she said she was really into crafting. She likes to crochet and make things with clay. She has two dogs, one’s a puppy and they’re both super fluffy. I asked her why she took art110 and she said that a friend had taken it and it seemed like an interesting class. Kim was really nice and I hope she got as much put of this interview as I did.

Until Next Time

Artist Tag: http://tanghkim.wordpress.com


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