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This week I explored the creations of artist Sommer Roman. Born in Santa Clara, California she attends the University of California and also was enrolled at the School of Art & Design at Montgomery College in Takoma Park. Her work has been featured in Scene Magazine and has also been in more than 16 exhibitions!! Roman’s art is one of a kind. She takes domestic item such as pillowcase and bed sheet and arranges them in a matter that reflects her own special way of viewing the world. Roman describes her work as “otherworldly” and like to create alien objects from familiar objects. I chose her pieces because in them I saw the otherworldliness. Her art really stood out to me in both color and form. I really liked how the different components were arranged to seem almost off-kilter and how she used the contrasting textures to compliment each other. Everything, even though strange, seemed to flow together as one whole piece of art. Roman’s work is very unique and original and I would love to see more.


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