This we made art by combining modern technology with our surroundings. By posting our pictures on Instagram, we put it out for the world to see. There is a sense of vulnerability because now your life is there for everyone to flip through and “like” or ignore if they wish. We see small parts of people’s daily rountines and maybe their interests or hobbies and in a way we see through there eyes. Some people posted pictures of pets or figurines while other went with artsy pictures of landscapes or sculptures. We followed over 50 people’s journey through the day and we saw maybe what they do or ate or what they have. In a way it is art. To be able to scroll through collection of pictures that could reflect one person’s life to be in their intimate circle of existence. Oh how we have advanced from the town crier announcing our news. Now all we need to know is just a click away. Which may not always be a god thing.  How much is too much? For now though,  lets us sit back and see what’s in store for our generation.


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