Cheyenne Ochoa

Cheyenne Ochoa

This week I introduced myself to Cheyenne Ochoa. he went to Centennial High in Corona and previously lived in the Inland Empire area.She is a freshman like myself and studying to become a film major. Her love of film stems from her dad who raised her on classics like Star Wars and X-files. She was always surrounded by movies and music and they inspired her to pursue a career in the field. Her favorite movie is Singing in the Rain and she is currently in love with The Fault in Our Stars. Her favorite TV shows are Criminal Minds, X-Factor and The Big Bang Theory. She enjoys painting, listening to music like One Direction (she’s going to a concert tomorrow), Katy Perry (she might go to a concert this week too) and Sam Smith. She says likes to travel and she’s been everywhere. She told me she has visited Mexico, Greece, Tokyo, London and even Shanghai, China! She said her mom wants to go to Ireland next year but she would like to visit London again. She has a pet chihuahua that lives at her aunt’s house that she’s had since she was as child. Some of her goals include getting her driver’s license, graduating college with honors and as for long term goals she want to own a house and direct a movie. Cheyenne told me that she would love to work for Lucas Films because she loves his films. She also loves Steven Spielberg films. He’s the main reason that she’s attending CSULB, he apparently went here after being rejected by UCLA. She was also denied admission by USC and UCLA and so she ended up here. But, “everything happens for a reason”, she told me. Her favorite books are The Help and The Great Gatsby both of which she saw the movies for and enjoyed. She gushed about how she loved Pinterest and Instagram and I learned about her best friend Sarah (who apparently has a lot of pets). Overall Cheyenne was very nice and now I know one more person I can awkwardly make small talk with in class.

Student Tag: https://cheyennenochoa.wordpress.com/

Until next time 🙂


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