Artist  Jesse Lubben

Artist Jesse Lubben

So for this weeks artist interview I spoke with CalState’s very own Jesse Lubben. He’s a 26 year old BFA photography major. His pictures were made by first photographing something then folding the print and photographing again sometimes more than once.He said that one can from 10-11 hours!! But, he does work on several at a time to get the flow going. His prints were very colorful and interpretation was left to the viewer. I asked him what inspired the prints and he told me he liked the writer Lauren Eiseley who writes a lot about natural history and anthropology and he drew from that . When I asked what he was trying to say through the photos or what they mean he responded with “I wanted to distort an image almost like a puzzles, like the viewer has to solve a problem” and he said they were elements of nature that he took and put in abstract forms. Finally, I asked him what he saw when he looked at his work. He laughed and thought about it for a while and just said he was “non-subjective” he was more into the process than the actual piece. While looking at these pieces, I saw what he meant about solving a puzzle. Each picture gave the illusion of depth and some of them had been cut and shaped to actually be 3D in a 2D projection. All the prints were interesting and each were unique in there own way.

This one is my favorite (:

This one is my favorite (:


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