Angelica Camacho

Angelica Camacho

Today I spoke with Angelica Camacho who is an undeclared sophomore here at CSULB. She said she wanted to do Marine Biology, like me, but when she took physics she had such a bad experience that she didn’t want to continue and she dropped out of the program. She still hold a strong interest in it but if she had to pick something she said she would maybe get involved in Physical Therapy, not because she’s particularly fascinated by it, but just because she could. She came from Santa Fe High School and I learned that she plays (or played) the saxophone and was in her schools jazz, concert and marching band. She likes music, obviously, and her favorite band is the Beatles. When I asked for her favorite song she had to think for a while and so I told her to pick two and she said Eleanor Rigby and While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Apparently she works at Knotts Berry Farm and mans the Accelerator. “Good place” she says, “not so good pay”. Over the summer she went to San Diego with her boyfriend where she visited Old Town and and she insisted that I go to Balboa Park where they have an array of museums. We both gushed about museums we’ve been to and ones that I should visit (she being the more experienced museum junkie she knew all the good ones). When we brought up life goals she said quickly “get a new job” and we laughed but then she told me how she really wanted to have a family. “I don’t want to be some housewife” she explained “but having a family would be nice”.  I learned that Angelica is the youngest of her family with two older siblings. She told me that her oldest sister had already moved out and her brother works so she doesn’t get to see him lot. Her favorite movie is Public Enemies and her favorite book is Things Fall Apart. She said she likes going to the beach and that she was actually going today after class. Angelica, overall, was very nice and very…I want to say proper? Her grammer was far better than I could ever hope mine to be. I got to know one more classmate today, 4 down 139 to go!

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