Mariela Herrera

This week I spoke with Mariela Herrera. She is a twenty year old junior studying criminal justice. She hopes one day to be and officer after earning her bachelors degree. Until then, she works as a police explorer mostly in the public safety department. She goes for ride alongs, interviews people and directs traffic. She told me she used to play rugby but can’t find a lot of time for anything with all her studying. I asked when her classes were and she said from 8am to 7pm!! She takes a whole bunch of Criminal Law classes which she says takes up most of her time. As far as music tastes go, she said she likes everything but country and hard rock. She didn’t really elaborate on why but I didn’t push it. She seemed really determined to become an officer and, fingers-crossed, be able to have a police dog. Mariela only has one dog and it’s a german shepard so I would say she’s already half way there. Her favorite movies are White Chicks (we laughed together about for a good three minutes) and The Chronicles of Riddick, which she insisted I see, and her favorite TV show is A Flashpoint. She told me didn’t have time for hobbies but she always sets aside a few hours of her weekend to go hiking and every Sunday she runs 6 miles!! I can barely walk across campus, with all those stairs, without getting some kind of winded. I asked for a couple of words to describe herself and she replied with approachable and reasonable, both great qualities for a future cop. (:

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