This Instant by Sandra Armengol

This week I chose to write about a video called This Instant by Sandra Armengol. This video first caught my attention because I saw the hand struggling to pull the grass from between the sidewalk and got very frustrated. Looking over at the chair spinning and spinning I wondered why it didn’t fall over. What is this? I asked myself, who would make something like this. I was moved but not in a good way. I kept watching and waiting for something to happen but it never did. The video went on and on and the chair spun and the hand pulled and tugged but to no avail. I learned that Armengol believes it is easier to express her emotions from behind the camera and is inspired by Northern California’s coast and landscapes and Los Angeles’s life style, and art.picShe’s been doing photography for five years and shockingly never took an art class until college!! That is where she decided it was her passion. Her photography is very original and makes you question their meanings.  Sometimes there are just those things that no matter how hard you try you never get anywhere and some that just drag on and on until you can’t take it anymore and give up or leave. That is how I felt watching her video. It went on and on over and over never getting anywhere but still trying, still spinning. In a way it shows your true colors. Who is willing to sit and pick at the grass in the sidewalk until it’s all gone? That takes true patience and determination, some may sit and tug forever while others give up after a few minutes and then there are those choice few who actually think to use some kind of tool to help them. Armengol’s art is different and very unique.


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