Isiah Ulloa

Isiah Ulloa

Isiah Ulloa is one of the three artist in this weeks exhibit called, “Labyrinth”. Isiah is the maker of the face and helped work on the figure in the snow. 20141002_115114 I learned that this was their first ever public exhibit and it turned our really well!! When I asked him about their muse he said he wanted to incorporate 3D printing in art. I asked him why 3D printing and responded, “just because” they just wanted to see if they could make something big and ambiguous that the viewer could put a story to. They also wanted to push the limits on how much they could make it look like snow. He said his favorite piece was the deer mannequin because “it’s so weird but at the same time, you cant look away”.20141002_114009The snow piece he said took about 3-4 weeks, well, that was his guesstimate because there was a lot of steps to making it such as the printing and molding and carving the pocket to make the snow look like snow. I asked if he liked the process or the product better and he had to think but finally decided on product because of how well it turned out. As for Isiah’s back story, he told me that he actually is really into movies but didn’t want to direct or writer them. He said that he was in love with the prosthetic. He really likes the handmade costumes and we share a love of the show Face-Off where artists have a certain amount of time to handcraft costumes, prosthetic and make-up for a specific category or movie genre. Isiah said he decided to take the art path around age 18 (he’s 21 now) and now here he is. Everything turned out how he wanted it to and the hardest part was picking one word to describe the art: Amazing.



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