This week I met the one and only Sandra Menjivar. Like me, she is a freshmen here at CSULB but unlike me, she is undeclared. She said she didn’t really know what she wants to do and claimed she “wasn’t good at anything” so, like the popular saying, she said she might be a teacher. Sandra said she wanted to get into something that had to do with education. Sandra went to Gahr High School and commutes from Cerritos everyday. She said her goals were to pass her classes and not get into a car crash. I asked her about her hobbies and she told me she plays soccer and rides her back and goes to the gym. She’s very active, unlike a certain someone. Her favorite shows are The Simpsons, Orange is the New Black, Awkward, Bates Motel and Regular Show (I’m more of an Adventure Time person myself). She didn’t have a favorite movie but she likes comedy and we share a mutual love for Pixar Films, she told me that she know every word to Monsters University because her sister has watched it so many times. Speaking of siblings, she is the oldest with two sisters and a brother. Sandra has three dogs and “some fishies” and enjoys the melodious stylings of The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys and Kid Cudi. I always seem to talk way to much during these interviews and these people leave with my life story while i have about six sentences of what they did last summer….oh well. Now they know what to get me for Christmas!! (:

Artist Tag:  https://sandrmenjivar.wordpress.com/


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