For artist conversations  this week, I interviewed Maggie Freed and Yee Lee about their exhibit Introspection. They aimed to portray mental states of mind, mainly anxiety, in their art. They worked simultaneously on all the pieces at once and it took them about a month with around eight hours of work a day. All the pieces are painred with oil paints and are magnificently done. 20141009_115053 20141009_115059Maggie who is 22, said she was first a Marine Bio major but while still in her first semester realized art was her passion and switched.  She always knew that she liked art and her mom was very supportive and pushes her to persue it so she did. As for Yee, age 24, she started as a Bio Major and worked at it for two years before switching.  Sje said that she always had a nack for art and realized that no matter what, she always  made time for it so she decided to become an artist. Now, both women are BFA drawing and painting majors and loving every minute of it. I live there art because of its spontaneity and color scheme. There’s just something about physical art that someone has put time and elbow grease into that calls to me. Other mediums such as photography and abstract art are nice but a good sculpture will always win my heart.


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