This week I spoke with a lovely lady by the name of Chelien Kue. She is from Santa Ana, born and raised and came from Godinas Fundamental High School. Like me, she is a freshman and is working her way through the Nursing program here at csulb. I asked her why she chose nursing and she said it was half for her parents and half for herself. The main reason was that she just wants a sturdy job that will make her a decent amount of money. Financial stability is key. She said that she likes helping old people and wants to be able to support her parents when the get old and retire because “you cant live off of social security forever”. Since she is so invested in her school work, Chelien doesn’t have a lot of free time for clubs or hobbies. In her free time she said she likes to spend time with her son who is about seven months old now. She explained that she hates how people judge her on the fact that she has a child at so young but I praised her for her determination to still go after her dreams and get an education. So many young parents drop out of school and give up on their goals to raise their children but Chilien is an ace mom and student. She told me that she likes anime and one of her favorite show is Hunter x Hunter. She also likes shows such as The Mentalist, Bones and Criminal Minds. She is the eldest of five children with two younger brothers and sisters. After she makes enough money to live on for the rest of her life she wants to learn how to do a number of things such as watercolor, sculpture amd even how to make shoes. She wants a family in her future and generally dreams of a good life. I sure hope her dreams come true.

Artist Tag: http://chellykue.wordpress.com/


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