This week I chose Justin Smith’s paintings to write about. He wasn’t there in person (that I knew of) so I looked him up online. Something about the work’s color and design caught my eye. They are very well done. His goal is to capture his interest in carnivals, pshycology and circus freaks in his paintings. He absorbs his surroundings and uses them to create his work. All his work is abstract and the colors all contrast each other nicely.

20141016_11350420141016_113447He is a MFA major and comes from a working class family of tire factory and warehouse workers adn he tried to incorporate that into his paintings. He doesn’t have a website really but he does have a Tumblr where he posts some stuff and writes a bit. Other than that…I really liked the paintings that were up  the gallery. The shapes and patterns are very abstract and unique. They’re just so weird but in a good way. I wish I could’ve talked to Justin in person. I really like these paintings



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