Jake Mercadante

Jake Mercadante

This week I interviewed the fairly interesting and definitely unredictable Jake Mercadante whose name I spelt wrong the first time he told me because he said it like ‘Marcadoni’ but it’s is not spelled phonetically I’ll tell you that. At the ripe old age of 19,  Jake is currently majoring in business but would like to switch to Computer Science. He is currently employed as an aerospace engineer (pretty cool) and is working for a company by the name of Pacific Waves System. He also has his own company, Tekk House. He doesn’t have any pets, but he does have some fish and a 12 year old sister “who can do crazy flips” due the fact that she’s a gymnast. His goals include playing at Tomorrow World and getting super rich. In his free time he likes to make electronic music, build robots and skii. I asked Jake why he was interested in computer science and he said that is was the way of the future and he wants to make exoskeltons that can improve the human body, or cyberkinetic enhancements, like legs to make you run faster and things of that nature. He said he was into anime and recently binge watched Attack on Titan (always creeped me out). Jake and I share an interest in the Marvel movies and agreed that Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty rad. Other than that, he likes slapstick comedies and was really fun to talk to. He asked questions like “if someone gave you pandora’s box, would you open it?” and “if space travel took you seconds and you could go into space and take one person with you but you can’t come back, would you go?” So that kept me on my toes and overall  Jake was pretty cool. Fun, fun.

Artist Tag: http://jakemercadante.com/


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