This week I saw possibly the most interesting exhibit so far. The artist, Christine Hudson, was making teeth for a ceramic panda she was working on when, tragically, a friend committed suicide. Unfortunately, the stress of living as transgender was too much and they took their life. I took this exhibit personally because I have a number of transgender friends who also face everyday struggles and I try my best to get them through tough times. Well, after Christine found out what happened, she just couldn’t stop making teeth and so, post-traumatic haze, she just kept making them until she ended with about 125,000 of them. It took about six months to make all the teeth, crafting and glazing included.  20141023_112632 (1)20141023_112447

She knew she wanted to do an exhibit with them but couldn’t decide until one day she had an epiphany and decided to do this project. The statement explains the story but you have to walk across the teeth to get to it. For some, it was fun and they liked the sound of crunching as the teeth broke. For others, such as myself, I found that quite disturbing and tried to tread as lightly as possible.  Overall the whole thing was quite impressive and very original. I spoke with Christine and found out that she is a 24 year old Ceramic major here at CSULB and has always loved art since she was little. She felt that she was “kinda good” at it and why not pursue a career in what you love? One word to describe the piece: grief.



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