This week I spoke to the lovely Diana Garcia. I saw that she had a Dr. Who shirt on and so I just had to talk to her. She is a 17 year old freshman who is currently in the Pre- Psychology program at CSULB. Diana said that she took a psychology class in high school and it was interesting so that’s why she decide to pursue it. She was also thinking about minoring in art. She went to Oxford Academy ( which sounds like a fancy private school, I know, but apparently it’s not) in Cypress. She doesn’t have any pets or siblings, just rocking the only child thing. Diana said she didn’t really have any goals right now, but maybe when she egs in some more psych classes she will, because right now she’s just doing her pre-reqs. Her favorite color is blue and she likes Nirvana and Linkin Park. We both enjoy Harry Potter (the books and the movies, duh!) and Marvel. We also share an interest in Dr.Who and Supernatural but she also likes Orphan Black which I have not heard of. I asked why she took this art class and she told me it was because she had art in high school and liked it but this class was not what she expected. She thought it would be more art art than social media. She said for Halloween she was gonna check out the Haunted house that the Student Union was hosting and maybe go to a festival with her friends. I went to the haunted house and let me tell you, one can only take so many strobe lights. I really liked talking to her and now I know one more person to vent to about Supernatural. (:



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