This week’s assignment was to take a picture of a landscape but also, here’s the twist, have a corpse in it. Not a real corpse, but instead, yourself as the body. I know I wanted to do something on the beach just because it seemed like a creepy yet interesting place for a corpse to wash up. So here is a body on the beach almost artistically framed by sea weed. Her jacket says Catalina so maybe she was from there? She still has her headphones in, which you can’t really see, but they’re there. What does it mean? What happened? Maybe she fell off a ship, she’s dressed pretty casually so maybe she slipped and hit her head then fell into the water. I think that she was walking along the coast of Catalina during a storm when she slipped and fell into the water causing her ipod to short circuit and electrocute her. Then she drifted and washed up on the beach. It’s really up to the viewer’s interpretation to guess what happened. I did have fun thinking of different ways to do this project and I think the end result turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Sandy jeans, totally worth it.


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