Vases with felt and a structure covered in beads, Dana Fleming truly does some one-of-a-kind art. Dana is a 21 year old artist at CSULB. Graduating this semester with a Bachelors in Sculpture, her exhibit really drew me in with its array of colors and textures. I asked Diana what her art story was and she said that both her parents are artistic and she has always found art interesting. Her muse for the art, she said, was the process, materials and surfacing that brought the art to life. She said it took about two months to complete this exhibit and to make the tiny piano she had to use tweezers and a steady hand to attach all the sequins. I asked if they turned out how she20141030_113444 wanted and she told me that since she knew what she wanted it was better when it came to assembling them. The only thing that;s new is the pedestals. Before, all her art would just sit on the floor but then a friend suggested that she make pedestals and now she feels the art is glorified and I agree. The colors of the art are really brought out by the neutral white of the stands. Also, the art is at eye level so you can see more of the details. Dana said she really enjoyed the process of making this art and that she liked making objects ambiguous. All the objects she used, somebody else picked out for her and by using this anonymity she can really be challenged to come up with new ideas. I really liked Dana’s rt and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.



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