I got interviewed by three people this week!! I must’ve have looked interesting or something…I only interviwed one person though and her name is Kiara Kensie. She is a 19 year-old softmore who is interested in Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design. She said that she wants to do something creative where she would be interacting with people because an office job would be a bore. She wants to double major in finance and hopefully, one day, own her own business. Kiara was born and raised in Victorville and is currently living with her grandma where she commutes from every day. She has a sister, step-sister, brother and step-brother on her moms side and a sister and brother on her dad’s side. She told me that she likes to watch The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, America’s Next Top Model, The Following and Orange is the New Black. Her favorite movie is The Purge 2 because she really enjoys horror and suspense films. As for music she listens to mostly Alt. Rock like Artic Monkeys and EDM. She also likes Childish Gambino. Talking to Kiara was fun, she’s very interesting and we almost share a name! Also her eyes are really cool, which sounds weird, but I felt like someone had to say it. (:


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