My three favorite activities were the Landscape with a Corpse, Painting and Instagram. The landscape with a corpse I really liked because it’s different from your average picture. You have the chance to think outside the box and create the “perfect death”.  That project was my favorite just because it was so unique and interesting and I had fun doing it. Next, there was Painting. The spray painting activity was one of my faves because I’ve always wanted to try spray painting but never had an excuse to and I was too young. So, now, with this activity I got to indulge in the wonders of pressurized paint in a can and really get crazy. I didn’t get too crazy though, but I did have fun. Lastly, I chose the Instagram Activity and my third favorite because it was simple, yet effective. By that I mean, as I was snapping those pictures throughout the week, I started seeing things differently. It’s hard to explain but once your told you have to take pictures and it becomes a requirement, your brain switches into overdrive and you see everything as a possible picture. The world became a series of snapshots and I had to pick the best one, evrything looked worthy but only the best made it through. Seemingly random items, became art.

        My least favorite activities were the Counterfactual Idenities, Kickstarter and ePortfolio. I’ll start with the counertfactual identity activity first. I undertsnd that the whole point was to step out of our comfort zones and talk to people, but I simply couldnt do it. I overthought it too much and it stressed me out to the point of I didnt even do the activity. I felt bad that I missed the experience, yet relieved that I didn’t force myself into the situation. The activity was not the best way to go about putting yourself out there, and that’s all I have to say about that. The Kickstarter activity I did do and luckily I had a friend to help me through it. I only put this one down as my least favorite because of the time I put into making the video. I know we could’ve just talked into our phones but I felt like that wouldnt be good enough so I wrote a script and made a video and it turned out horribly but I still did it and I wish I didnt. Finally, the ePortfolio is in the list because I simply couldnt figure out the sebsite and I messed everything up but then fixed it and it was all pretty confusing to me what we were supposed to do. I ended up just changing the background then a week later redoing everything else and now have a whole new theme so…I dont really know what to say. Some things are better left alone.

          Overall, I enjoyed the class. It can get a little dull watching every single person’s video on the upcoming week’s activity page at unecessarily high volumes but other than that it’s fine. The class is an easy A if you complete all your assignments and depending on how you feel about driving or convincing people with cars to drive you, the extra credit oppurtunities are either a breeze or impossible. I thought this class would be more hands on art stuff like the plaster casting and painting, but I suppose in our day and age everything is more cyber-based, so our activities are more relevent to our generation.  The class was fun and I liked looking at the galleries and  talking to artists and meeting new people. So,  I would say this class gets a 8 out of 10.


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