Angie Samblotte


” Faith in Fractals “

For my artist interview I visited an exhibit called Taking Time in the Paradigm and talked to one of the two artists, Angie Samblotte. First of all, the exhibit was really cool. There were little sculptures, sketches and even what appeared to be a living room type section with a plant made of paper. Angie said she did the pencil and her friend did the rest (being the inked pictures and sculptures). Angie is a 23 year old Illustration major at CSULB who has two cats and when she’s not making art she likes to play soccer, go biking and camp. She said that she has always been interested in art and drawing since she was a kid and thats why she chose to study it.  As for deciding whether she liked the process or product more she said they were equally satisfiying and that the hardest part is knowing when to step away. Their art was really interesting and colorful and very original. I really liked the little sculptures with crystals and their matching sketches. Overall, all the art was good and the exhibit was really intriguing.


” Home Sweet Utility “



” Does This Need to be Unplugged “


” Mi Cuerpo y Mi Cerebro, you are here “


” Lighten Up “


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