I had the privilege of talking to the lovely Minerva Madrigal this week who is a 19 year old softmore at CSULB. She likes American Horror Story and her favorite movie is Edward Scissor Hands. She went to Paramount High and is currently studying Criminal Justice but is thinking about switching over to Sociology and with a minor in Women’ s Studies (very cool). She has one dog named Stitch who is eleven years old!! Minerva has one sister who is 17 and one half sister who is four. With a degree in Sociology she hopes to become a Sociologist obviously, but also, one day, wants to become a tatoo artist because she has always enjoyed art. Right now she does face painting as a hobbie and she helps her boyfriend in his Reggae/Rock band. When we talked about celebrity crushes, she shared that Johnny Depp is her main man, (hence Edward Scissor Hands) but she also likes Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Her favorite fodd is anything chocolate and if she had to choose one superpower it would be invisibility. Her music tastes is impeccable and includes The Smiths, Led Zepplin, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Foo Fighters and August Burns Red as just a few of her faves.  She excited about the Wonderwoman movie that’s coming out eventually and likes Marvel in general which is super cool. Oh, her favorite book is The Lovely Bones and she hopes to one day live on Catalina. Overall, Minerva was really fun to talk to and a really cool person. Im glad that I could have her as my final interview. (:


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