For my artist interview this week, I talk to A 23-year-old ceramics major named Kelsey Zwarka. She told me that she enjoyed the process and the product of her exhibit and each piece to ground 22-60 hours where she would work in intervals on the larger and smaller pieces. She recently took up textures which you can see her art besides the paint, there’s different patterns like velvet on some of the pieces.

20141120_111402She said that she’s always been interested in art and she used to go to antique shops and glass shops with her dad and she didn’t really want to pursue anything in art until she got to college and she heard artists having conversations and she wanted to be part of those and so now she’s studying art. She hopes to obtain a BFA answer and makes and is currently researching graduate schools content which I thought was pretty interesting. I really liked your art because it was colorful and different and original. I really liked all the different textures that she used especially I’m a big piece looks like the cat scratcher texture, I don’t know what that was but it was and a picture of her next to it, which came out blurry the first time so I went back and got another one and she thought that was funny. But yeah, talking to her nice and she was cool.




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